Content Writing Rates

Want to take your business or personal website to the next level? Hiring a professional content writer may be the next logical step. Here are several reasons why clients hire me and what you should consider when researching professional content writers:

Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At its core, SEO consists of someone typing a word or phrase into a search engine (like Google) to help them find businesses or sites pertaining to the keyword(s) they used. A good web content writer will know how to take the keywords they are given and weave them into the content that they produce in a coherent way that makes sense to both your audience and the search engines.

Internet Experience

Web content writing is different than other, more traditional forms of media writing. On the Internet you only have milliseconds to capture a person’s attention and draw them in, and quality content is key.

A professional web content writer will know the ins and outs of how people read the web. Besides knowing how to write a compelling headline, a professional writer will know how to properly format content in a way that is both informative and easy to scan, keeping readers engaged and clicking through your site.


Depending on the type of work you need, I may have you fill out a preliminary questionnaire. This will give me a better idea as to what your business is about, what your goals are and any keywords that will need to be included in the web copy.

Understanding of Your Business Model/Goals

The more information you share about your business model and goals, the more I’ll be able to craft the content to appeal to your audience.

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Primary Writing Services

Blog Article Writing | $50 for up to 300 words.

Blogs are a fun way to connect with your readers. Blog articles are also a great way to extend your brand’s reach to a wider audience as well as increase brand visibility and optimization efforts. This rate covers writing only. If you need me to supply images, please let me know.

Web Content Writing  | $150 for up to 400 words

Web content covers any written content that will be placed on your main website. Included in this price is content that is written to appeal to humans while incorporating search engine optimized keywords. This rate covers writing only (ask if you need me to supply images or respond to comments.)

Writing and Editing Web Copy  | $500

I offer web copywriting/editing packages including a home, about and services page. Not sure what you want to say or how? Let me help! This service includes email communication with the client, keyword research and web optimization.

E-books | $100 per 400-word page (when you supply the outline and general guidelines)

A free ebook is a great way to thank your customers/clients for doing business with you. Though I am most well-versed in social media, web applications, business and writing topics, I can write an ebook on almost any other topic. If you’d like an ebook but are not sure of the topic, I can help you come up with something suitable for your audience for an additional fee.

Press Releases | $150 per page – up to 400 words (no distribution)

Have a news-worthy story? Tell me  the WhoWhat, and Whys, and I’ll craft it into a great piece of content, suited for syndication.

Business reports/white papers | $2,000 – 10 pages

Business reports and white papers are an excellent tool for building authority in your niche and showing people the value of your services. Trust me to find the latest research and statistics and present your case in a clear, concise way.

Ongoing  Writing  Services

Whether you are interested in ongoing blog writing or other web content writing services,  contracts are invoiced at the beginning of each month and run for a minimum of three months. Please contact me for a customized quote.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed above, I am also happy to offer the following:

Web Content Consulting

For individuals, startups or small businesses, I offer personalized web consulting. This is beneficial for clients who have limited knowledge of the Internet, website management, social media and content writing. I sit down with clients for a face-to-face meeting and offer step-by-step guidance. A preliminary questionnaire will need to be filled out before our first sit-down. Contact me to set up a web content consulting meeting.

Employee Training

I offer employee training on how to use social media services and sites as well as lessons on how to tailor their content writing to appeal to your company’s audience. Contact me for special pricing options, based on your needs.


Tell your story. Connect to your audience on a personal level. Ask me about some of my recent photojournalism projects. Also, take a glance at some of my photography here.